Liquid Pay SDK (Consumer) is a framework that can be used by Merchants to integrate to their online mobile client applications. Merchants that are currently part of the Liquid Pay portfolio and who desire to let their consumers buy products online from their store and pay through Liquid Pay, can use this SDK for the purposes of integration.




Step 1 : Import SDK

  • Import the LiquidAPIs.framework file into your iOS Project.

  • Go to the client Target settings in the General Tab and make sure the Framework is added in both phases Embedded Binaries and Linked Frameworks and Libraries.

Step 2 : Setting Up the Initial Configuration

  • Download LiquidPaySignIn.plist file from and Add in your project on the root directory and enter following required informations.
    • STATE
  • Import LiquidPayAPIs/LiquidAPIConfiguration.h in your AppDelegate.m file

    #import <LiquidAPIs/LiquidAPIConfiguration.h>
  • Add the following lines of code under didFinishLaunchingWithOptions method.

    [[LiquidAPIConfiguration sharedInstance] initializeAPIConfiguration];
    [[LiquidAPIConfiguration sharedInstance] initializeScope:{AccessScope:ACCESS-CODE}];
    [[LiquidAPIConfiguration sharedInstance] addMoreScope:{AccessScope:ACCESS-CODE}];
    [[LiquidAPIConfiguration sharedInstance] initializePushNotificationID:{String:PUSH-NOTIFICATIONS-ID}];

Step 3: Integrate LiquidPay API Manager

  • Import the LiquidPayAPIs/LiquidPayAPIManager.h file in your controller and collect data in its instance to be sent to Liquid Pay SDK.

    #import <LiquidAPIs/LiquidPayAPIManager.h>
    LiquidPayAPIManager *manager = [[LiquidPayAPIManager alloc] init];

    Desctiption : Initialize the LiquidPay API Manager to access APIs for integration in your application.

Step 4: Implement Delegate Methods.

  • In order to get back the response from any Liquid Pay API, implement Delegate Methods by importing the following header file and adding the protocol.

    #import <LiquidAPIs/LiquidPayAPIManager.h>
    @interface ViewController () <LiquidPayAPIDelegate>
  • Then in your implementation file (.m) add the implementation of all the delegate methods provided by LiquidPayAPIDelegate according to your requirement.

Step 5: Setting Up Theme Configuration (Optional)

  • Liquid Pay SDK includes UI as well. In case you want the default Liquid Pay Theme to be used please ignore this. To modify the UI according to your own application theme download LiquidPaySDKTheme.plist file from and add in your project on the root directory.

  • Import LiquidPayAPIs/LiquidSDKTheme.h file in your AppDelegate.m file and add the following line of code under didFinishLaunchingWithOptions method.

    #import <LiquidAPIs/LiquidSDKTheme.h>
    [[LiquidSDKTheme sharedInstance] initializeTheme];