Point-of-Sale workflow

Point-of-Sale (POS) integration enables Pay@Counter, Pay@Table and Pay@Bar cashless and cashier-less experiences for your customers.


Liquid Pay Pay@Counter helps to automate the payment process. It is a cost-effective and productive feature that allows consumers to make payments at the counter.

Pay@Counter customer experience:

  • Cashier selects “LiquidPay” on the POS.  Customer scans a QR code at the counter to complete the payment
  • For POS systems with a customer facing screen, a dynamic QR code can be displayed on the screen allowing the customer to scan and complete the payment
  • A static QR code is deployed for merchants without a customer facing POS screen
  • Upon a successful payment authorization by Liquid Pay, the POS system updates the payment status. The receipt can be printed or sent digitally to the customer. 


Pay@Table makes ordering, closing and paying the bill easy.

Customers can simply browse the menu on their mobile, select orders, pay directly from their phone and check the status of their orders – all done while seated comfortably at the table with minimum waiter intervention.

Pay@Table customer experience:

  • Instead of requesting the bill from the waiter(s), it allows customers the convenience to scan a QR code at the table and request for the bill
  • Liquid Pay requests the billing information from the POS system and present it on Liquid Mobile application.
  • The customer receives the bill on Liquid Pay app to view the items and make the payment
  • Upon a successful payment authorization by Liquid Pay, the POS system updates the payment status. The receipt is sent digitally to the customer. 


Pay@Bar saves time and reduces delays. Ordering and paying from the mobile is convenient, and once the order is ready, the customer can pick it up from the bar.

The Pay@Bar customer experience is similar to the Pay@Table.

Supported Endpoints

API Source/Dest Description
Request Bill Liquid → POS Liquid Pay requests the bill items, individual pricing, services charges, tax and total billing amount from the POS system.
Update Bill Payment Liquid → POS Liquid Pay updates the POS system of the payment status. The status can include: successful payment, cancel or void the payment.
Check Payment Status POS → Liquid  If the POS system is not able to receive a response and goes in timeout, it can send a POSPaymentStatus to Liquid Pay to check the status of the payment request.
Void Payment POS → Liquid  The POS can request to void a Liquid payment. The funds of a successful payment can be voided or reverted to consumer’s Liquid wallet.
Request QR Code POS → Liquid  The POS can request a dynamic QR code for the consumer facing display of the POS device or be printed on a receipt.