Frequently asked questions

Please go to the Liquid Open API Portal, and click on the sign-up form to complete registration with necessary information. A credential will be sent to your email after verification.

Loc_ID is a unique ID assigned to Merchants by Liquid Pay for identification of their Table No, Counter No, POS No etc depending on whether it is Pay@Table or Pay@Counter. This Loc_ID is related to Merchant Group ID, Merchant ID, Outlet ID, LocNo (aka Counter No, Table No, POS No etc). This way, a merchant or vendor can use a single unique ID to identify a table or a counter or a POS instead of having to use 4 IDs combined.

After registering an account with Liquid Pay, you can contact Liquid Pay to request for LOC_ID for each POS.

SIGN is secure mechanism to validate integrity of each request. For more details, please refer to the SIGN Algorithm page.

Sandbox environment refers to Liquid Pay test environment, which contain dummy data and functionality for developers to test and integrate with Liquid Open APIs.

Production credential will only be released after integration is certified. To be certified, the integration must comply with Liquid Pay specifications by completing test cases. Please contact Liquid Pay for test cases