Discover solutions for accepting payments from Liquid Pay’s API services that allow you to build customized payment experiences. More API services will be made available progressively.

Access the documentation for the developer APIs currently offered by LiquidNet Open API Platform.

Point-of-Sale Workflow APIs

The benefits of our Pay@Counter, Pay@Table and Pay@Bar APIs are to:

  • Provide cost-effective and enhanced productivity to merchants with limited resources
  • Enrich the consumer experience at F&B outlets

And more coming soon

We are working hard to brewing more amazing APIs!


API Keys

When you register for an account, LiquidNet Open API Platform generates an API Key for the application. Please keep it safe and do not share the API Key in publicly accessible areas.

The key created during the registration is meant for the sandbox environment. For the production environment, an API Key will be created separately has been certified.


Authenticate your request to LiquidNet Open API Platform by including your secret API Key in every single request. 

-H "LP-apikey: API_KEY"


All API requests must be made over HTTPS. The API requests made over plain HTTP OR without authentication will fail.